Sunday, 29 September 2013

Easy to cook Indian pulao with fruits
Fruit Pulao
This is an easy to cook sweet pulao with fruits.
Cooked long grain basmati rice
Rose water
Bay leafs
Cashew nuts
Chopped apple
Chopped pineapple
Green grapes
Take a small bowl and soak saffron in worm milk.
 Now separate the cooked rice in two parts and keep in two separate large bowls. Then pour the soaked saffron in one of them and mix very lightly.
Now heat ghee in a large pan and add bay leafs, cloves, cardamoms and cinnamons. When you start getting a nice aroma, add the saffron rice and the plain rice. Then add the all fruits one by one and mix it. Now it’s time for seasoning. So add salt and sugar. Also add cashew and raisin and mix it. At last, add few drops of rose water and cover with a lead and keep for 2 minutes.
Your aromatic fruit pulao is now ready to be served.

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