Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Muslim dish, Religious dish


Mung dal
Musur dal
Chana dal
Urad dal
Wheat rawa
Flavoured basmati rice
Chopped onion
Garlic paste
Fried chopped onion
Mutton stock
Boiled mutton
Chat masala
Dry roasted mace-nutmeg-fenugreek powder
Black salt
Garam masala powder
Lemon juice
Chopped coriender leaves
Chopped mint leaves
Turmaric powder
Ginger paste
Red chilli powder
Coriender powder
Cumin powder
Bay leaf
White oil


At first boil all types of dal and rice with chopped onion and garlic paste in low flame so that the whole thing cooks like a smooth paste.
Now heat oil in a pan and add fried onion, ginger –garlic paste and stir it. Add turmaric powder, red chilli powder, and boiled mutton and mix it well.
Now add some mutton stock, bay leaf, coriender – cumin powder and stir it well.
When the oil comes out from the spices, add boiled dal and mix it. Also add rest of the mutton stock and cover it.
Now add dry roasted spices, chat masala, garam masala powder and black salt.
Heat oil in another pan and add chopped onion and red chilli powder and fry it.
Take some fried onion and mix with the mutton.
Now serve it with chopped coriander and mint leaves, remaining fried onion and lemon juice.

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