Thursday, 31 October 2013

easy recipe to cook broccoli with coconut milk
Broccoli With Coconut Milk

This is an easy recipe to cook broccoli with coconut. This yummy side dish will complement well with naan, paratha, rumali roti or pulao.

Broccoli - 8-10 florets
Grated ginger - ½ tsp
Coconut milk 2 - tbsp
Sliced onion 2 - tbsp
Poppy seeds paste - 1 tbsp
Almond paste – 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds
White oil

At first boil broccoli into water for 5 minutes. Immediately strain the broccoli and keep aside.
Now heat oil in a pan and fry sliced onion it till brown. Take of it out of the pan and keep aside.
After that, put the blanched broccoli in oil and sauté it. Now remove it from pan and keep aside.
Then put cumin seeds and grated ginger and fry it for a minute.
Now add poppy seeds paste and almond paste and stir well in low flame.
After 3-4 minutes, add a little bit of water, salt and sugar as per your taste and mix well.
Add the broccoli and keep it in low flame till the broccoli is tender.
Now add thick coconut milk and fried onion and mix it.
After 1 -2 minutes, pour it in a serving bowl and serve with naan, paratha or pulao.

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