Monday, 16 December 2013

 Laddu is one of the most famous sweet in India. Though motichur ka laddu is my all time favourite, Gajar ka laddu is also my fav, specially in winter. This carrot ladoo recipe is very easy and can be cooked with ingredients easily available in every kitchen.

Easy rava carrot ladoo recipe
Gajar Ka Laddu


Grated carrot 500 gms
Bombay rawa 1 cup
Sugar 1cup
Milk 1 cup
Cashew nuts
Green cardamom powder


At first dry roast the Bombay rawa and keep aside.
Now heat ghee and add grated carrot.
Fry it lightly and then add roasted rawa and milk.
After 7-8 minutes when carrot becomes soft add sugar and mix well.
Then, add green cardamom powder and stir it constantly.
When the carrot become dry and separated from pan remove it from heat and keep it in a plate and immediately make balls or laddu shapes from it.
Garnish with cashew nuts or any dry fruits as you like.

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