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shukto is an authentic bengali vegetarian dish made of bitter guard, bori etc.
Shukto - Authentic Bengali Dish

Shukto is an authentic Bengali traditional dish. This is served with warm rice at the beginning of the lunch. Any Bengali occasion is incomplete without Shukto.


Sweet potato
Bitter gourd
Green banana
Drum stick
Bori (Badiyam, dry small dumplings made from lentil paste)
Mustard paste
Onion seeds (kaleenji)
Fenugreek seeds
Fennel seeds
Cumin seeds
Radhuni (Ajwain)
Milk (optional)


Cut all vegetables in long pieces (1.5”-2”) except bitter gourd. Cut bitter gourd in jullian cut.
Dry roast all seeds and grind them. Keep aside with a lid.
Heat ghee in a wok. Fry the bodiyam (bori) till brown and keep aside.
Fry bitter gourd till golden and keep aside.
Now put all vegetables in wok and stir lightly. Add salt and a pinch of turmeric. Add water and cover with a lid to boil. Along with water you can mix milk also to add to the richness of taste.
After 10-15 minutes when the vegetables are cooked add fried bitter gourd and bodiyam, sugar and keep in high flame for 3-4 minutes.
Now add mustard paste and mix it and keep in high flame for a minute.
Now take out from heat and sprinkle the dry roasted spices.
Before serving mix the spices.
Serve with hot rice.

You can use white oil instead of ghee.

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